Ørgreen Titanium

Ørgreen is pleased to announce the launch of five new titanium optical frames, for both
women and men. The collection reinforces the mood of Scandinavian design traditions,
timeless modernity and effortless silhouettes. A new fresh feel is introduced, bringing bold attitude to the collection.

The new style ATLANTIS comes with a clean flattened edge, giving the frame a cool yet
feminine twist. DISCOVERY and ENDEAVOUR employ soft, rounded edges, a feature
previously only seen on Acetate frames. COLUMBIA and ARCH include an outstanding design element, having soldered temples, serving as a new playful signature feature.

All styles come with colored end tips, complementing the front color of the frames and are
offered in a sophisticated palette of neutrals mixed with primary colours, developed by our in-house colorist. Staying true to Ørgreen’s ethos all frames are hand-crafted in 100% light-weight Japanese Titanium, ensuring high quality and durability.

Arch by Ørgreen

Arch is a new optical frame for men produced in Japanese titanium, with distinct soldered
end-pieces. This square quality frame is light in its expression and highly accessible, further
supported by 6 mono- and combination color stories, which sees the frame’s various components engage in a dynamic play of hues.

Atlantis by Ørgreen

Our latest titanium optical for women, Atlantis sports a subtle butterfly shape, a flat edge,
and a stepped-down bridge, while smaller temples make for a thin and highly elegant frame. Sophisticated play on color across 6 mono, two-tone, and contrasted color profiles.

Columbia by Ørgreen

Columbia is a statement optical frame for women distinct for its soldered finishes and light
titanium design. A flat edge and top bar bridge evoke classic Aviator-style frames, while the
thin execution retains a highly contemporary feel. With 6 original color stories, Columbia plays with unexpected contrasts that frame the face.

Discovery by Ørgreen

Discovery echoes our bestselling Sigma, with distinct round edges and a floating topline.
This female optical frame combines classic lines with titanium nose pads in a golden hue,
while slim and color-contrasted temples add a modern touch. Available in three contrasted and three monochrome color stories.

Endeavor by Ørgreen

With both frame and nose pads crafted in Japanese titanium, Endeavour is an exclusive
frame for men—offered in an exciting range of mono, two-tone and contrasted color stories. Round edges and voluminous design make this style good for midsize and larger faces.


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