otaaki Launches, Providing Eye-Opening Approach to Doing Good for all Humanity

otaaki eyewear

otaaki™, a different kind of eyewear company with operations in the US, France, and China, has launched applying an ethical, sustainable, and mindful approach to every aspect of the product from design, production, and distribution. otaaki eyewear is simultaneously good for humanity and good for your pocketbook, encouraging people to see the world as it is, be seen for who they are, and feel good about their eyewear choices. Imagined and designed in otaaki’s Parisian studio, all collections are affordable, stylish, playful, gender-neutral, and reflect each customers’ unique personalities while making sun, screen, and reading environments more comfortable.

“We believe that to be successful in business, business must be committed to doing good. By creating a demand for high-quality, sustainable eyewear made with recycled and bio-based plastics, we in turn are part of a positive environmental solution. It’s imperative that we all work together for a united economy to help change the world and our otaaki customers will take action to do just that” said Ludovic Guillaume, co-founder of otaaki.

Uniquely, otaaki’s SEEINSIDE™ branding is an expression of their business transparency while also emphasizing acceptance and embracing the very essence of humanity and all its imperfections. Additionally, otaaki proudly displays their signature green tip design at the end of each frame. This feature is identified only from behind and signifies that you are part of a community of like-minded individuals passionate about otaaki’s values, goals, and mission.

At launch, happening simultaneously in France and the United States, otaaki offers sunglasses, blue-light readers, and readers, which can be found solely at otaaki.com.

Environmental impact – See the world as it is.

otaaki recognizes the importance of the consumers to make informed choices and align their buying habits with their values. Customers can be confident that otaaki eyewear is eco-responsible and designed to reduce its impact on the earth. Its frames are made with Envision’s OceanBound plastic, (plastic waste diverted before it reaches the sea) and its acetate frames meet European standards for biodegradability according to ISO 14855 Standard. In addition, the glasses cases are made from FSC-certified paper sources and the microfiber cloth is 100% made from recycled PET water bottles.

Societal impact – Be seen for who you are.

For otaaki, it is important to help you see more clearly and transparently. Spreading its positive impact further, otaaki is committed to ‘otaaki for good’ where 10% of sales will be donated to a rotating group of nonprofits. What makes this initiative unique is that customers select and vote on which nonprofit will be the beneficiary each month.

Consumer impact – Feel good about your eyewear choices.

otaaki ensures its products provide great customer value. They deliver high-quality eyewear at an affordable price point making eyewear more accessible. By manufacturing with safe, equitable, and fair labor practices in their own factory located in Zhuhai, China, otaaki’s process and suppliers are transparent, focusing on simplicity, humanity, and inclusivity.

otaaki products feature a virtual try-on experience, consumer-friendly shopping, free shipping, easy returns, and a lifetime warranty for an easy, no hassles experience. With all-inclusive pricing, there are only two prices for their glasses and no surprises.


About otaaki
otaaki is a global eyewear company doing right by humanity with a mission to offer eco-responsible alternatives to this essential everyday object, without compromising on style or quality. Headquartered in Seattle, WA, otaaki has operations in the US, France and China. Co-founders Elizabeth Bastoni and Ludovic Guillaume, with a combined 60 years of experience in the luxury goods industry and human resources sector, have taken on the challenge of moving the industry forward in a positive direction to improve value, reduce carbon footprint, and meet more eye care needs around the globe.

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