OTIS Eyewear Introduces New Eco-Acetate Collection

OTIS Eyewear is taking a small, yet deliberate and environmentally friendly step forward with the release of our new Eco-Acetate Collection; a selection of frames made from renewable resources widely present in nature.

Derived from cottonseeds and plant matter, the frames in our Eco-Acetate Collection have undergone exhaustive tests to be declared 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable and 100% eco-friendly.

The OTIS Eco-Acetate Collection is comprised of four unique unisex styles: Test of Time Eco, Lyla Eco, Omar Eco, and Hawton Eco; all of which are staple pieces in the OTIS USA 2019 Main Line Collection.

“We believe this planet is one vast natural playground and we all have the responsibility to look after its well-being. We feel passionately about the naturally sourced materials OTIS is using in the production process” said Chad Crites, USA General Manager.

“The entire OTIS team is beyond excited to bring this collection to market. It’s been a long time in the making for us. For this initial launch, our goal was to design an offering of very compelling and wearable colorways in a variety of keyframes from our 2019 range. The Test of Time and Omar have been perennial best-sellers since their debut, whereas the Lyla and Hawton are both new frames for 2019 that lend themselves well to timeless fashion.”

“The OTIS brand was born from the desire to enhance the world’s beauty, while also enduring the severe elements we’re exposed to in nature. For the past two decades, we’ve relied exclusively on the use of all-natural Mineral Glass lenses in the eyewear we manufacture to accomplish that; it’s fundamental to who we are. Mineral Glass is comprised entirely of earth-born elements like Sand and Soda Ash, which are both harmless to plants and animals and endlessly recyclable. For OTIS, it was a seamless progression and an organizational obligation to expand that principle to our frame materials as well. This led to the development of the OTIS Eco-Acetate Collection, which marks the beginning of a much deeper commitment moving forward. We’re dedicated to taking steps to minimize our impact and preserve the beauty we’ve been so fortunate to witness in this world.”

Originally established on the very foundation of environmentally conscious eyewear, OTIS uses only mineral glass lenses in 100% of the eyewear it produces and has done so since the brand was established in 2000. It is the brand’s goal to have as minimal impact on the planet as possible going forward, so future generations can continue to enjoy it’s natural wonders.

OTIS Eco-Acetate holds all the aesthetical characteristics of traditional acetate but feels “warm and silky”, which gives consumers a truly natural feel. The acetate component of this frame is made by market-leading company, Mazzuchelli and is fully compliant to ISO12870.

OTIS Eco-Acetate is now available for purchase in the USA, across surf retail, sunglass specialty stores and select coastal boutiques. For more information, please visit https://us.otiseyewear.com/pages/eco-acetate or contact Stephen Gerard at OTIS Eyewear using [email protected]

About OTIS Eyewear:

OTIS was founded along the rugged and surf-rich Southwestern Australian coast in 2000. OTIS was established to provide a unique point of difference in the eyewear market; a premium product that transcends the boundaries between style, durability and technical excellence. This includes the use of the world’s best lens material, mineral glass, in every model we make. OTIS has been using naturally sourced mineral glass lenses since it’s foundation in 2000.

With operations in Australia, United States, New Zealand, Indonesia and across the UK, OTIS is expanding into other international markets and looks forward to further developing Eco-Acetate as part of the next phase of our brand journey.