Our Top Fail Post of 2015

Bill Gates said ‘it’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.’ As we brag about our top hits and shares, it is important to review our top failures. I consider this my top Fail Post of the year for many reasons, primarily… no-one read it! Very few clicked on it on the feed. It was on Facebook, no one liked it, no-one shared it. The ROI was terrible. I had about 40-50 hours into this, with lots of research. Did it fail because of timing? Because no one was interested? Did I promote it enough? The only good news was that if you google crowd sourced eyewear we are right there on page 1!

Here it is:  Statistics on Crowdsourced Eyewear 

Oculus Rift pre Microsoft
Oculus Rift pre Microsoft, crowdsourced .

Well Bill Gates, the lesson I learned here, is just because I am interested, doesn’t mean our readers are. Just because I put a lot of time into something doesn’t make it good. Sometimes it is the little things that make it big. I put up on Facebook an old photo of Chewabaca.. #‎Stars‬ ‪#‎Wars‬ Chewbacca knows how important an annual eye exam is. 886 Shares.. who knew. When I say old photo, we have done that photo many times over the last several years. Timing is everything. Good lesson to know.


Now I ask, what lessons have you learned from your 2015 failures. Be honest, we all have them.

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