Our Top Ten Stories of 2019

2019 has been a very fun and interesting year here. After twenty years of working in the optical arena, we took our work with us outside of the country and brought our adventures from outside the country back to you, our readers. We helped out in a fashion photoshoot in Cuba. We attended two major European optical trade shows and reported live from them. We attended some small independent regional shows and events. We also attended both Vision Expos and brought those shows live to those who couldn’t attend.

The biggest news was we took our two websites and merged them into a new website with an exciting new name. You followed us and helped us grow during this transition and we can’t thank you enough. We hope to do even more to bring you great news great tips, and great adventures in 2020.

As we look back at 2019, we wanted to highlight our Top 10 stories from 2019. You may have read every one of these You may have missed every one of these. Nevertheless, we wanted to share what our readers found interesting so we know what we need to concentrate more on in the months and years ahead.

Thank you for being a reader. Now don’t be a stranger. Say hello when you see us. Write to us and share your news. Write to us and let us know what you want us to write more about or what you want to have us speak of on our podcasts too. We are here to serve you.

Number 10

Carrie’s Commandments for New Opticians

Number 9

Help Them Take Photos


Number 8

On Ignore

Number 7

Vision Expo West 2019 Recap

Number 6

No Pictures Please


Number 5

We Do MIDO And So Should You!

Number 4

A look back at SILMO 2019

Number 3

September In Paris Means SILMO

Number 2

Framed In Cuba

Our Top Story for 2019

Blue Truth – Separating Blue Light Fact From Fiction