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oxobox(Press Release) You wouldn’t toss your favorite jewelry in drawers all over your house or leave your diamond earrings swimming around the depths of your purse, so why do that with your eyewear? Just as fine jewelry belongs in a jewelry box, eyeglasses and sunglasses belong in an OYOBox.

Just in time for the holidays—OYOBox is an innovative product designed to streamline the way you store and wear glasses. We all know the feeling of fumbling around for the pair we’re looking for, or searching around your car or house looking for your favorite frames.  OYOBox solves this dilemma by allowing you to store up to eight pairs of your favorite glasses in a centralized location.

“I designed OYOBox to create ease in selecting your eyewear on a daily basis,” said OYOBox Co-Founder Luba Stark.  “OYOBox was developed to introduce a new way of thinking, storing and relating to your eyewear collection.  Our product is unique because it brings precious eyewear out of the dark and into the light.”

Stark and her brother, Michael Kriss, developed OYOBox after realizing there was no other product on the market that served the same purpose with such attention to detail and craftsmanship.

“We saw a huge gap in the market that needed to be filled and wanted to help streamline peoples’ lives by providing them with a functional yet stylish product to store their eyewear,” said Kriss.  “OYOBox is something nearly everyone will find useful, whether for themselves or for their entire family.”

OYOBox is offered in an extensive array of vibrant colors and luxurious wood finishes to complement any style or decor.  Each unit is outfitted with easy to clean leatherette interior, state-of-the-art modern hinges and shatterproof top window for viewing.  The handmade OYOBox features seven layers of meticulously hand-applied lacquer that embodies the luxury of the collection.

OYOBox is a great holiday gift idea for anyone on your list:

  • Fashionistas. Take your pick of frames to change up your look.
  • Sunglass aficionados. Protect expensive designer frames like Chanel and Prada.
  • Guys on the go. Most men don’t bother to hold on to individual cases.
  • Busy moms. Keep OYOBox on the entry table to get out the door with ease.
  • Loved ones with reading glasses. Corral stray pairs of readers in one place.
  • Home organizers. OYOBox’s chic design and universal color options match any decor.


Each OYOBox comes with a sunglass pouch, cleaning cloth and carrying tote. It retails from $250 to $300, and is available for purchase at select upscale boutiques nationwide or at www.oyobox.com.

About OYOBox OYOBox was developed in 2009 by siblings Luba Stark and Michael Kriss. A stylish accent to any room, OYOBox was designed to protect and display up to eight pairs of sunglasses and eyeglasses, like a jewelry box for eyewear. It can accommodate both small readers and large trendy frames. For more information, go to www.oyobox.com.


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