PARIS Light by STRUKTUR Eyewear Wins Men’s Frame Of The Year

STRUKTUR Love Eyewear Award 2023

The Normandy brand once again left its mark at the 100% Optical show in London from February 25 to 27. In the middle of an extremely tight competition, STRUKTUR eyewear took up the challenge of winning the trophy for the most original design. Winner of the “unisex frame” award in 2022, this year the company won the men’s frame prize. The creation that impressed the London jury was The PARIS Light.

This perforated metal model is crafted from a stainless-steel sheet. It stands out thanks to its fine labyrinthine lines and dynamic colors. The PARIS Light has a bold character and perfectly combines aesthetics, comfort, and lightness. It is a strong symbol of men’s fashion identity. This new award comes to encourage the creative work of the designer Thierry Bonhomme and his team of experimented little hands.

This prize is a godsend for the brand, which is expanding quickly in Great Britain, a market where it was still little known in 2022. This successful edition will stay a memorable experience for STRUKTUR eyewear.

Here is a conversation with STRUKTUR CEO Jean-François Lufeaux of STRUKTUR Eyewear at 100% Optical in London on February 27, 2023


About STRUKTUR eyewear

Created 10 years ago, STRUKTUR eyewear is a French eyewear brand based in Normandy. Known for our colorful and geometrical frames, we use acetate, metal, and titanium as materials to design our glasses. We offer singular designs for a distinctive style. Our mission is to make sure that everyone finds frames that look like them. STRUKTUR supports French manufacturing, an important choice for our brand. Our frames are handcrafted in our Norman factory. STRUKTUR labels its acetate products “Origine France Garantie”. Our brand is a beautiful mix between comfort, aestheticism, and originality. To think Struktur is daring to be different.

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