Parisian Chic

The VOLTE FACE frames are designed in the Jean-François Rey‘s Studio de Création under the artistic direction of a young eyewear fashion designer, Fanélie COLOMB. Always faithful to the spirit of the brand, she imagines very personal collections, infinitely feminine,mixing discreet luxury and contemporary refinement.

The brand finds its own chic by creating a modern style built on”Parisian Chic” codes while combining Decorative Arts,fine jewelry and the art of contemporary textiles. Designed for women with glamor and character, the models charm by their timeless class and their “classic offbeat” style, very subtle. The originality of the collection lies in the work of materials and decorative details:artful lines constructions, geometric patterns,faceted volumes, vibrant colors and precious color charts give look and character to the wise silhouettes of VOLTE FACE.

Nawell by VOLTE

Distinguished by its retro charm, the model NAWEL is part of the world of luxury and French manufacturing. It consists of an acetate front with metal rims and fine temples decorated in a high jewelry spirit. The expertise of the brand is expressed in the subtle work of volumes and thicknesses, with careful technical assemblies and absolutely impeccable finishes. The combination of acetate and metal highlights the elegant silhouette of the model and features trendy look inspired by vintage codes.

Naia by VOLTE

The design of this Titanium frame is inspired by the ornamental motifs of Art Deco that can be found on the facades of beautiful Belle Époque architecture buildings in Paris. The style of the model is carried by the contrast between the sobriety of the shape and the refined decoration on the top of the frame, multiplying references to Art Deco architecture: simple and refined geometry, precise features and retro color charts like copper, khaki or almond green lacquer. The play of colors and matte/ shiny finishes are enhanced by a striking metallic relief that gives the model style and character.

Nice from VOLTE

The model NICE is a new approach to color creation thanks to laminates. This technique of assembling different plates of acetates allows us to compose beautiful chromatic harmonies by playing on patterns and transparencies. The artistic approach, the beauty of the purple harmonies and the exceptional quality of the finish position this model in the high-end segment of French eyewear.

Noon by VOLTE

Chic and inventive, this combination frame finds a perfect aesthetic balance between the sobriety of the form and the sophisticated nature of the materials. It is distinguished by the decorative style of its top, inspired by the volume work of origami. The finesse of the patterns, the stylistic richness of the acetate and the attention to detail place the NOON model in the luxurious world of high-end eyewear.

Noemie by VOLTE

Inspired by architecture and furniture designs, this acetate / metal combination frame finds its originality in its detailed finishing. The insertion of refined metal parts worked in a faceted shaped gives the model an elegant finish highlighted by glossy and colorful harmonies.

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