Perfectly Parisian

A dedication to the Bon Vivant, these four new styles rethink design with their feminine details. This cosmopolitan collection distills French art, architecture, and couture style for the modern trendsetter.

Constance by Bon Vivant

The Constance spreads its wings with expressive detail to entice any lucky enough to catch a glance. With crystallized acetate, this blush-hued beauty contains finite and intricate floral stamped details throughout the horn. With a nod to past gothic influence, the Constance knows no bounds.

Mirabelle by Bon Vivant

Soft and sweet clashes with a hodge podge of pattern; the Mirabelle has arrived. Alive with color, the cleanly cut top half and temple of this frame plays with a free form array of complimenting hues and blends. With an accented hinge piece that pops through the colorful display, the Mirabelle will never go unseen.

Octavia by Bon Vivant

The Octavia embraces a more natural, softer color palette while flaunting a few carefully crafted details. Iridescent, almost stain glasslike tints shine through the frame’s horn and continue along the top with a delicate metal inlay. Contrasting metal temples only further the Octavia’s ability to strike a pose from any angle.

Prudence by Bon Vivant

A delicate addition to the Bon Vivant family, the Prudence rethinks design with its lacy details throughout the stainless steel material. This skinny mini brings a thin profile for a light and airy frame, perfect for any that strive to exude an essence of grace.

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