Peter Coombs Eyewear Design: Sparing No Expense

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Can you really put a price on quality? Well, if you are going to retail something I guess you have to.  With the eyewear market place being so saturated, Australian designer Peter Coombs decided to take the high-end road with the creation of these limited edition Oblo frames.  These edgy eyeglasses are composed with silver and titanium which makes them lightweight and impressively durable.

Peter Coombs Design Oblo Frames
Peter Coombs Design Oblo Frames

Did I mention how stunningly attractive these glasses are? That being said there is no need to balk at the $1,680 price tag, right? Just make sure to keep these high performance frames in their leather pouch during those sleeping hours (because when else would you take them off?).

PCD Eyewear
PCD Eyewear


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  1. Greetings,
    Thanks for the positive wrap!
    We’re showing at SILMO for the first time next week and taking the PCD Elements range along with the new range and a few vintage pieces.
    We aim to Surprise, Delight and Connect whilst there.
    Come and say hello @ 5 P 118
    Cheers, Peter

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