PlanetVA Launches Virtual Try-On Platform From Just A Selfie

PlanetVA, a private company registered in Australia and Europe with a 16-year footprint in the virtual eyewear try-on arena, announces the launch of its latest eyewear virtual try-on platform vmPRO. By just taking a selfie the app creates a 3D face model of the user in just a matter of seconds. This app leverages current augmented reality trends and the latest artificial intelligence algorithms to allow the user to view their eyewear in every possible direction simply by dragging the face. Its unique reflection simulation permits the user to experience premium lens features in real time.

The PlanetVA vmPRO app boosts the fastest and easiest user experience of any high-end virtual try-on available today. It also allows the user to easily change and try-on sunglasses and optical frames without re-calibration. As a result, the service offers a faster and simpler way of virtually trying on eyewear. This is of utmost importance for an online presence as most users click away when they need to wait for too long and it is equally important for the major search engine rankings.

Ludwig Heymbeeck, founder of PlanetVA, says: “Our commitment and focus on creating the ultimate mobile experience allows retailers both online and in-store to provide the most robust and efficient virtual try-on experience to date. We also plan to introduce additional features of vmPRO such as accurate optical measurements and integration with our style assistant app by the end of this year.”

“Unlike our competitors, we have not applied for patents yet as we want to keep our solution proprietary. It will allow us to be better positioned in order to adapt to the fast-changing world of technology and use the latest and best available algorithms for the end user”, Ludwig says.

PlanetVA’s North American solution slated to launch later this year will position independent optical retailers with a total retail solution aimed at creating new patient experiences. Our partnership with a network of eyecare professionals specializing in marketing, equipment, and e-commerce will give PlanetVA the necessary tools to deliver this exciting new ecosystem.

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