Plant-Based Eyewear Offering A Sustainable Alternative

Mari & Clay Launches ‘The River Collection’ Founded by Melbourne-based Optometrists, Lauren and John, and launched to the world in 2020, Mari & Clay is a modern eyewear label crafting timeless classics out of plant-based, biodegradable materials.

Mari & Clay’s capsule eyewear collection, The River Collection, pays homage to Australian waterways and consists of four classic frames available in four colorways; Black, Caramel, Sand, and Tortoiseshell. The frames are designed in Melbourne with durable, long-lasting wear in mind.

While most sunglasses are commonly made of acetate, Mari & Clay frames are made from its plant-based cousin, bio-acetate, which is biodegradable. Mari & Clay’s bio-acetate is sourced from Italy and is derived from responsibly harvested cottonseed and wood pulp. Bio- acetate limits the use of fossil fuels by replacing the harmful phthalate-based plasticizers used in acetate with organic additives.


GOULBURN – Mari & Clay’s most lightweight design. The Goulburn is your go-to for the modern classic look now and 20 years from now. It will have you ready for any occasion with its classic round shape and touch of teardrop for a modern twist.


YARRA – A flattering and versatile style. The Yarra is ready to travel with you from work to weekend. These sunglasses with a trapezoidal shape and thicker arms provide a timeless and anytime look.


MURRAY – For the old souls who dream of living in simpler times, the Murray’s got you. With its square shape and rounded angles, you will be transported back in time with these timeless, vintage-inspired frames.


GLENELG – Bold. Confident. Unapologetic. Command power in the Glenelg. These rectangular frames with defined edges provide a slightly oversized look for those who like a statement.

With the planet in mind, Mari & Clay frames are packaged 100% plastic-free, switching plastic for protective cases made from kraft paper. Better yet, for every pair sold, one tree is planted to help to restore Australia’s landscape after the devastating fires that started in late 2019.

While Mari & Clay encourages consumers to shop consciously for long-lasting pieces, it also offers a recycling program, which allows consumers to recycle their old Mari & Clay frames to receive a 15% discount on a new pair.

The team continues to investigate the most sustainable practices in an effort to leave a long-lasting positive impact on the environment.

“Fast fashion trends encourage consumers to constantly update their frames without a thought for the impact this has on the environment. Working as optometrists, we noticed the significant amount of waste produced in the eyewear industry. We wanted to see change. We believe we could make it happen and so we created Mari & Clay,” says Mari & Clay co-founder, Lauren Chang.

“Every action we take, material we use, or system we implement has the planet in mind. Our mission is to inspire making mindful choices for a better environment. We believe our everyday choices can create collective change,” says Mari & Clay co-founder, John Chen.

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