Polaroid Eyewear Partner Of Mad Cool Music

Emmanuel Awal_UK_Polaroid_MadCool
Ashton Louis Gohil

Polaroid Eyewear celebrated a world of colors in one of the world’s famous European Festival, MAD COOL in Madrid earlier this month.

An incredible weekend attended by more than 200.000 people where Polaroid Eyewear presented not only its SS23 Collection and a dedicated Capsule of the Cool Collection but also its new visual identity thanks to an amazing colorful Polaroid area where influencers and Talents from all over the world took amazing pictures in the “riviera” photo area, improved their look at Polaroid hair and make up corner and chilled out during the amazing concerts of the weekend.

Joy Exotic
Joy Exotic

Mad Cool Festival this year had an incredible international lineup: from Robbie Williams to Sam Smith, from Liam Gallagher to Queens of the Stoneage, and incredible Lizzo and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

WHO attended the Festival together with Polaroid Eyewear? Anais Gallagher , Tigerlily, Diego Lazzari, Federica Messageri , Lele Giaccari, Ashton Louis Gohil, Daniel Donskoy, Emilie Tjensvoll, Emmanuell Awall, Joy Exotic, Lukas Leonhardt , Peg Parnevik, Rafael Caplan,  SeySey, Tigarah, Zoë Pastelle, Eduarda Catani Hippler, Pablo Toneti dos Santos Conceição, Bruno Wesley Silva Alves, Jéssica Regina dos Anjos Nascimento, Azul Guaita, Patricio Gallardo, Fernando Solis, Orson Padilla, Jair Sánchez, Xenia Ievgienko, Reys, Mike Rec, Facu Diaz, Alberto Jimenez, La Hay Liada, Aaron Saez, Patricia Aguero, Denisse Pena, Fran Bereguer,Laura Matamoros,Abril Zamora, Lucia Diez, Alberto Jimenz, Nanitita, Gullielmo Gonzalez, Minael Hammani, Georgina Amoros, Tamar Novas, Manuele Velasco,Ganges Belen Ecija.

Anais Gallagher
Anais Gallagher



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