Porsche Design Presents New Air Intake Models

Porsche Design Sunglasses

The new sunglasses in the Air Intake series from Porsche Design make a statement in terms of performance. Inspired by the air inlets of the Porsche 911, the so-called “Air Intakes” can be found not only in the name of the series but also in the dynamically shaped temples. The surrounding frame is made of the high-performance plastic RXP ® , which ensures stability and lightness. A flexible adjustment area on the temple ensures maximum comfort and, together with the rubberized temple ends, sets color accents.
The frames P’8914 and P’8915 are available in three different color combinations with matching lenses with VISION DRIVETM lens technology.

P’8915 B with VISION DRIVE ™ polarized
lens technology Thanks to VISION DRIVE ™ lens technology, all Porsche Design sunglass lenses are equipped with reliable UV400 protection, extreme scratch and impact resistance and innovative glare protection. The P´8915 in color B also has a polarization filter, which significantly reduces annoying glare. This means that contrasts are better perceived and reflections are minimized, especially on wet or smooth surfaces. The frame of the sporty sunglasses is kept in a simple dark green with accents in olive green.

Porsche Design P´8914
Porsche Design P´8914
Porsche Design P´8915
Porsche Design P´8915

P’8914 A and P’8915 A with VISION DRIVE ™ Polarized XTR lens technology

The black frames with color-coordinated elements on the temple ends and in the flexible adjustment area are combined with green-tinted lenses with a silver gradient mirror. Thanks to the VISION DRIVETM Polarized XTR glass technology, they offer the highest functionality and the best quality. In addition to a high-performance polarization filter and UV400 protection, the innovative glasses are also equipped with a contrast enhancer that absorbs blue light components more strongly than conventional sun protection glasses. This significantly increases the general perception of colors and contrasts, which offers decisive optical advantages, especially in low-lying solar radiation.

About Porsche Design:

In 1963, Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche created the 911, one of the most important design objects in contemporary history. With his vision of taking the principles and myth of Porsche beyond the limits of the automobile, he founded the exclusive lifestyle brand Porsche Design in 1972. His philosophy and design language lives on in all Porsche Design products to this day. Every Porsche Design product stands for extraordinary precision and perfection at a high level of technological innovation and for a unique symbiosis of intelligent functions and puristic design. Designed by the FA Porsche studio in Zell am See, Austria. Check out the entire line on their website at www.porsche-design.com.

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