PORTRAIT 2022 – Creative Community Campaign

PORTRAIT 2022 Creative Community

Consistent with the brand’s history of art-inspired luxury frames and ventures in the art scene, PORTRAIT’s 2022 campaign is a celebration of the multifaceted figure of artists and creatives, all talented individuals who leave a lasting mark in the world with their craft. At the core of the imagery, there is PORTRAIT’s intention to bridge art with the fashion world, always preserving the luxurious nature of its product.

As CEO and co-founder Valentina Hernandez said, “PORTRAIT’s 2022 campaign aims to show creative individuals in their environment, doing what they love and feel is their natural purpose. We have always strived to celebrate any art form and expression. Now it feels right to have the creative community take the spotlight.”


Relying on universal storytelling, the imagery depicts directors, graphic designers as well as writers and musicians in real-life day-to-day situations, surrounded by the elements that define their identity, echoing PORTRAIT’s original vision of an accessory that serves not only a prosthetic function but is, by all means, a gateway to self-expression.

Faithful to PORTRAIT’s vision of a genuine handcrafted product of premium design, each frame is made from durable and quality materials to meet the highest standards. But this 2022, rather than the product, it is the creative community at the center of the stage.



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