PORTRAIT Eyewear NEW ESSENTIALS Collection for 2023

PORTRAIT New Essentials 2023

Italian Art-Inspired eyewear brand, PORTRAIT, is unveiling its latest collection named NEW ESSENTIALS which celebrates its legacy of craftsmanship and frame design. Known for their ties to art and artistic movements, PORTRAIT’s frames have always been original and distinctive, with the Art-fakt and Glitch series being the symbol of the brand’s original vision.

This 2023 starts with a brand new collection that revisits PORTRAIT’s history of creativity, passion, and commitment to eyewear craftsmanship, with each model named after a creative figure (THE STYLIST, THE DIRECTOR, THE DESIGNER to name a few) preserving the essential elements that defined the brand’s identity over the years.

PORTRAIT’s latest collection NEW ESSENTIALS

According to designer and art director Gabriel Hernandez, “this collection represents the pure essence of PORTRAIT’s experience and dedication. We’ve named it NEW ESSENTIALS to emphasize that we’re moving toward a new direction after a history of experimental capsules. Although in some aspects more minimalistic, compared to some of our most iconic designs, the NEW ESSENTIALS series was our greatest challenge so far.”

PORTRAIT’s latest collection NEW ESSENTIALS

The “NEW ESSENTIALS” collection consists of a range of minimalist and highly-wearable frames that embody a “less-is-more” philosophy. With a fresh mix of heritage and contemporary identity, this collection represents a natural evolution for PORTRAIT. The brand’s challenge was to take a step forward while paying homage to the past, preserving luxury and accessibility.

These latest additions to PORTRAIT’s series are being supported by an ongoing Artist Campaign, which portrays artists in their natural environment, as a way to consolidate the connection with the Art and artists community. The campaign’s goal is to inspire and celebrate the unique perspectives and creative talents of the art world.

The campaign showcases a diverse and inclusive range of artists in their studios, workshops, and other spaces where they are truly free to create. Through exciting and lively portraits, the campaign captures the essence of each artist and the raw passion that drives them. The result is fresh and inspiring imagery that shines a spotlight on the artists and their work, hopefully inspiring others to create, dream, and imagine.

PORTRAIT’s latest collection NEW ESSENTIALS

PORTRAIT‘s latest collection, NEW ESSENTIALS, is a testament to the brand’s ongoing commitment to the world of art, creativity, and passion for eyewear design, further supported by the Artists Campaign. A step forward and a glimpse of the bright future for PORTRAIT.

See Portrait Eyewear at Vision Expo East at Booth S1256.

PORTRAIT’s latest collection NEW ESSENTIALS

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