Post Malone + Arnette

Post Malone has re-teamed with Luxottica’s sportswear brand Arnette with the release of two new pairs of glasses, each inspired by the singer’s risk-taking style and sense of adventure.

The singer/rapper has worked closely with Arnette on the collaboration, from choosing the silhouettes to partnering on the color palette. Malone also ensured that the styles were sustainable. The frames are made of what Arnette calls a “bio-based” acetate. The company also worked to employ production processes that would reduce the release of harmful emissions, while making sure to conserve energy throughout the process as well. Each pair of frames is also packed in eco-friendly packaging. This is the latest release from Malone’s partnership with Arnette, which launched last year.


Made out of bio-based plastic, this low rectangle frame showcases wide tapered temples with INSPIRED BY POST MALONE stamped on the inside and lenses with ALWAYS and TIRED in laser polish.


Made out of black BTR 600 LS bio-based plastic, the frame features lenses with ALWAYS and TIRED in laser polish and new A-cut temple shape with INSPIRED BY POST MALONE stamped on the inside.

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