Pro Fit Optix Rebrands itself as PFO Global

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Irving, Texas – The optical technology company known as Pro Fit Optix announced today that it has rebranded itself as PFO Global  and unveiled its new logo today.

“The new brand and logo reflect who the company has grown to be in the marketplace, expanding beyond offering free form lenses to become the innovative source for complete eyewear, mobile dispensing equipment and free form lens calculation software worldwide” said Rudolf Suter, President and CEO.

The design of the new logo represents a unified balance between approachability and technical innovation. It reflects changing times with precise, decisive and clean graphics.

The technical expertise of PFO Global is represented by the symmetry and the geometry of the shapes within the icon – demonstrating how the human eye works as a lens. The left and right elements within the logo illustrate the collaborative relationship between PFO Global and our strategic partners. The union of these two elements signifies an effective solution to a consumer’s eyewear needs.

The two colors used in this logo, green and grey, reinforce the balance between accessibility and technical precision. While the color green symbolizes growth, forward thinking and a positive living experience, the grey implies precision, modern technology, and strength.

Together, these elements create the new vision of PFO Global.

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