Promotion to Optical Office Manager – Are You Ready?

One of the great dilemmas in many optical offices is the lack of good optical managers. This is due to fact that most optical managers have little training for the job. In many cases, they start their manager’s role with no management training whatsoever. The usual scenario is that the original manager resigned, and the person with the greatest amount of experience or seniority is promoted to the manager’s position. This can be a formula for disaster but this is a typical small business problem.

Management Training

Management of an optical office or any business today is vastly different than it was 50 years ago. Today’s manager is a team leader, portrayed as a facilitator, a communicator, a persuader, a teacher, a provider of resources, and a fellow teammate. The definition of management is getting things done in an organization through other people. Intimidating staff will never fulfill this responsibility because they will only grow to resent you, Managers nowadays should be inspiring people, communicating with them, planning, organizing and evaluating. Optical Managers also need to be setting goals and objectives and moving people towards them. Training is the key to creating good managers. If you’ve been asked to accept a manager’s role in your optical office, request some training to go along with the position before starting. You’ll find that making the transition is much easier when you clearly understand what to do and how best to do it.

The Vision Council, vision trade show conferences, and even optical vendors are great sources for management training.

Resources: Adapted from U.S. Vision Newsletter – Original article submitted by: Carolyn Meldrum.