Protecting Kids Eyes In The Summer

Last year the viral news of the summer was about kids peeing in pools and how it causes red eyes. Why people get red eyes in pools? It is not the urine which is relativity sterile it is the chemical compound of urine and chlorine which leads to red eyes and other diseases. Just so you know studies suggest that 1 out 5 people pee in pools and that includes adults.

With summer fast approaching this is the time to offer consumers Patients, the perfect Pee Protective Gear for kids to safely swim in all year long. There are several optical companies that offer swim goggles for kids and adults with RX options: Hilco and Liberty Sport

Liberty Sport, Shark
Liberty Sport, Shark Kids
Hilco Goggles

All kids like to scuba, why not offer this option as well. This is not only a saleable item, it would make great displays for the office.

Hilco green

Hilco-Set in Blue

What I know, kids eyes are important and many parents at the last minute pick up the cheap and disposable swim goggles that break after one wearing and are left on the beach. Why not offer a quality swim goggle that can be used for years protecting our future eyeballs?


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