Raising Awareness In The Name Of Our Oceans – Sea2see

Sea2see has teamed up with the famous photographer Weston Fuller in California, in a new campaign about ocean contamination.

The powerful imagery reinforces the Sea2see legacy, its environmental message, and the brand’s commitment to the production of high-quality eyewear and watches, made exclusively from 100% recycled marine plastic.

"Seastainable" eyewear campaign by Weston Fuller

“Since the beginning of Sea2see, our message has been clear: waste is a great source of raw material for the optical industry, now and for the future, and recycling it eliminates the need to produce more plastic,” says François van den Abeele, Founder & CEO.

"Seastainable" eyewear campaign by Weston Fuller

“In this new campaign with Weston Fuller, a photographer who is passionate about environmental action, we wanted to raise awareness about the devastating impact of plastic in our oceans and encourage reflection on what we can do better as consumers to protect the world in which we live.”

"Seastainable" eyewear campaign by Weston Fuller

The campaign connects with consumers through direct visual reminders of contamination in the sea. It also portrays the way in which Sea2see is successfully turning recycled waste into products that are uncompromising on quality and style.

"Seastainable" eyewear campaign by Weston Fuller Sea2see frames are made in Italy exclusively from 100% marine plastic. The waste is up-cycled into a reusable raw material in the form of pellets called UPSEA™ PLAST. The material is Cradle to Cradle™ Gold Certified, combining a quality finish with durability, lightness, and fashionable, modern appeal.

"Seastainable" eyewear campaign by Weston Fuller

The new Sea2see watch collection, launched in 2021, is produced in the same recycled material and has been developed and made in Switzerland to the highest quality and technical specifications.

About Sea2see

Social and environmental entrepreneur François van den Abeele launched Sea2see in Barcelona, Spain in 2016 with a range of 18 “seastainable” sunglasses.  Committed to a model of sustainable innovation and social responsibility, Sea2see was the first eyewear company to champion a vertically integrated sustainable business model, creating its own infrastructure for collecting marine plastic waste and then using it as a raw material to create high-quality frames.

Today the award-winning brand has an extensive collection of over 250 ophthalmic and sun styles for men, women, and junior with a lightweight contemporary design, and a selection of looks, from fashion-oriented to timeless or sporty. The frames are stocked in leading independent optical retailers and well-known chains around the world that have committed to the promotion of their ‘seastainable’ values. The watch collection launches in retail and online from March 2021 with 22 individual watch models, produced in 2 sizes (41mm and 37 mm).

In recent years, recycling at Sea2see has picked up pace in Africa in collaboration with a growing number of fishing communities in West Africa creating a new source of income for the plastic they collect, while also being involved in an activity with an immediate positive impact on the environment. Their involvement with communities in this region has led to a new collaboration launched in 2021 with Freetheslaves.net (Ghana) – https://www.freetheslaves.net/where-we-work/ghana/

Sea2see is also committed to working with non-profit conservation organizations. In 2020, the brand partnered with @searchingforchinook creating a limited edition SFC recycled sunglasses edition, to support their project to save the orcas. @searchingforchinook is led by Alexandra Johnston and Maria Nangle and produced by Dolphin Project Ambassador and actress Maisie Williams.

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