Recycled Lens Art By Frances Scholz

Many of our readers follow or have Liked/purchased some of Frances Scholz’s wooden eyeglass sculptures. Frances opened her creative vitreous eye juices to try a new medium with recycled lenses. The result is a mixture of eco friendly op-art that we love.

80% of the recycled lenses are from the Lions Club rejection. 20% are rejected lenses from an optical lab. Normally these lenses are just thrown away. Up-cycling lenses is not only good for the environment, it is a fantastic way to recreate works of art with FREE materials. If you need a lot of lenses, most labs will give them to you for free.

The works of art are glued on a piece of plexi-glass and the wood frame is made with leftover wood from Backyard Spectacles.

The red and black artwork with the heart shaped eyeglasses reused 310 lenses most of which are polarized.



The orange one has 188 lenses in various shades of orange and yellow.


Backyard Spectacles

More information can be found on Frances’s website Backyard Spectacles 

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