Retail Owner’s Institute Resources For Eyecare Providers

I was researching facts and found this great retail website, Retail Owners Institute. The Retail Owners Institute® is a web-based resource at  They consider themselves as the “foremost self-help resource” on retail finance, The ROI® serves independent retailers worldwide.  With its emphasis on the basics of retail finance, inventory management and cash flow control, The ROI is particularly relevant to owners and decision-makers of retail operations with up to 100 stores (especially those who may be accounting-averse!)  The ROI has been called “a WebMD for retail owners

.”They had some pretty good information about Optical Trends – and yes there is a fee for joining. They offer webinars, online retail calculators, financial seminars and more.

They have a benchmark series on optical stores- the below are some of their benchmark figures- you can find more information going to the site.

optical goods stores turnover ratio trendsoptical goods stores profit percent trends