For nearly two decades, RETROSUPERFUTURE has been creating solid eyewear designs that have become iconic classics, while also pushing forward cutting-edge seasonal trends. For the new collection, RSF reaffirms its unique brand ethos: a desire to create sunglasses that are both fresh and playful yet designed with an eye for timelessness and functionality. RSF’s signature approach features experimentation with craftsmanship, colors, and finishes that elevate everyday eyewear to unique pieces of contemporary design.

For the SS23 RSF proposes a new vision of modern street aesthetics, characterized by a mix of low-riding and oversized sunglasses, each oozing with character. This season also welcomes the return of more prominent and experimental metal silhouettes. Spazio and Stereo redefine sleek metal construction with their unexpected geometries and thick rims.


High-end detailing and RSF branding complete each silhouette, setting out RSF’s vision for the coming Spring/Summer season.

For the communication of these special pieces, RETROSUPERFUTURE teamed up with the artist Jim C Nedd to create imagery that is as colorful and strong as the eyewear itself. Colombian / Italian artist Jim C Nedd interprets RSF’s eccentric SS23 Metal sunglass collection on the coasts of Cartagena, Colombia.

As renowned art historian Daniel Berndt wrote in Aperture: Nedd combines a documentary approach with staged and stylized elements to create a distinct hybrid aesthetic. Playing with the glamorous and psychological aspects of fashion photography that aim to trigger and resonate desire, he puts a visual language dominated by intense contrasts, artificial light, and an almost haptic quality in dialogue with scenes captured spontaneously in natural settings. See these frames and the entire RETROSUPERFUTURE lineup on their website,

RSF Metal SS 2023

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