Robert Mondavi Wine x Woodzee Reclaimed Wine Barrel Sunglasses

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Wood-zee_RobertMondavi_f-450x600We have seen some other liquor- wine collaborations between eyewear companies, Moet Champagne and  Mosley Tribes , Shwood wood eyewear with Reclaimed whiskey barresl, and now Woodzee wood eyewear with Robert Mondavi Private Selection. There you have it, a nice bottle of wine, outside wearing your reclaimed wood sunglasses.We like it.

Here is what they say

After aging our Central Coast wines, our wine barrels take on a second life as special edition sunglasses. Inspired by the sun-drenched vineyards, we teamed up with Woodzee, an up-and-coming Chico, CA-based eyewear designer, to transform used oak barrels into new, must-have accessories. We found a like-minded partner in Woodzee since we both highly value working with nature to create a great product. The unique frames are stylish, yet versatile enough to wear casually during the day, or make a statement when enjoying a glass of wine with friends at night.

The frames have a distinctive red tint from aging our Coastal Crush Red blend. The classic frame shape featured in the novel design is flattering on both men and women and is available in four lens colors: bronze, grey, reflective blue and reflective gold. Each pair bears a barrel logo on the temple, indicative of its recycled material.

The set is $120 online.

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