Rocking Out at Eye Rock -Vision Expo East

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Dr. Howard Levy (Carlsbad, CA)

This was my first Eye Rock Event- and if you go to any Vision Expo and you like to dance- Go to Eye Rock! It was a blast- the music was fantastic, everybody was dancing (even the men!) and singing and my feet hurt! Loved every minute of the show.

Bill Gerber- Master MC-

Eye Rock, New York benefits OneSight and was sponsored by Revolution, EyeMed, Luxottica, Allergan, Seiko/Pentax, Essilor, Jobson, Nanofilm, HOYA, Zyloware, Reichert, CooperVision, UPA, Microclair, Vision-Ease, Pixel and Eyewear by ROI.


Gerald Santinelli- on Drums

What it is- Read about the beginnings from 2020 Mag– and guess what if you played in a band, you could be a part of the EyeRock Group

The List of the Performers: 


  • Angela Carroll         Jobson                 Singer
  • Howard Levy           OD                      Lead Guitar/Vocals
  • Frank Gambino       Eye Care Systems Drums
  • Calvin Howell         Polylens                Bass
  • Gerard Santinelli    Santinelli             Percussion
  • Joe Santinelli          Santinelli             Percussion
  • Jonathan Schwartz Hoya                   Percussion
  • Andy Karp             Jobson                 Assoc. Producer/Guitar/Vocals
  • Stephen Santinelli  Santinelli            Producer/Guitar/Vocals
  • David Salk              eClips                Guitar/Vocals
  • Robert Shanbaum  Ocuco                 Keyboard/Vocals
  • Gary Gerber          The Power Practice  Keyboards
  • Dr. Bruce Meyer    Newport and Riverdell Family Vision  Tenor Sax
  • Eric Rollins           Rollins Consulting   Trumpet
  • Bob Stein              National Vision        Guitar
  • Guillermo Villavicencio Aspex            Lead Singer/Guitar
  • Steve Wheaton     Santinelli                 Drums
  • George Alexandrovich Santinelli         Guitar
  • Jamie Hansel       Luzerne                   Lead Singer
  • Stephen Fournier  Match Eyewear         Lead Guitar/Vocals
  • Eric Lindquist     Specialty Lens Corp.    Bass Guitar 
  • Shane Lindsay    Topcon                       Drums
  • Bill Gerber-       Global Impact Gp          Co- Producer, Drums, MC
  • John Vaught      National Vision              Drums, Vocals
  • John Alofs         ROI Eyewear                  Drums
  • Dr. Steven Weisfeld Occular Insight     Drums
  • Crystal Morgan  Eyenovate                   Lead Singer
  • Deborah Evans   Cascade Eye Center   Lead Singer
  • Miles McLennan  Allergan                    Vocals/bass 
  • Greg Gibson       Santinelli                   Drums
  • Steph Hamilton   Reichert                   Guitar
  • Paul Shyer-       Eastern States            Guitar/Vocals
  • Jason Shyer-     Eastern States            Lead Guitar
  • John Carrier      Essilor                         Guitar/Vocal 
  • Randy Adams     Allergan                    Lead Guitar/Vocals
  • Jules (Mike)  Raies  Bad Habits Band   Stage Manager