Safilo Celebrates Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day

Safilo celebrated its 3rd annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day on Thursday, April 27th, the first one orchestrated in Safilo’s new Secaucus North American headquarters.   Safilo hosted a record-breaking 66 children between the ages of 5 and 15 who were either relatives or friends of Safilo employees.

The day was planned to go beyond the average “shadowing” of the adult that brought them.  Children participated in a full day of fun-filled organized activities in a hands-on interactive environment, exposing them to many different careers within the company.

Some of the highlights of the day included:

  • Touring Safilo’s new corporate offices – stopping in each department for a brief overview of what each department does – while learning about the new way of working in an open space environment.
  • Understanding what the public relations team does. During this session, children were given the opportunity to select their favorite celebrity to be sent a pair of eyewear.
  • Creating a budget with the accounting department and learning about the differences between a debit and credit using fake money to illustrate the process.
  • Learning about the trends, colors, materials and more that inspires the product creation department when designing frames. During this session, each child created their own eyewear storyboard.
  • Playing interactive games with members of the customer service and human relations departments to learn about the importance of teamwork and Safilo’s various brands.
  • Using imagination and creativity to create summer window designs and Safilo logos after a learning about the sales importance of eye-catching logos and retail window displays.

The children were also treated to a lunchtime pizza party and a movie screening in the company’s second-floor auditorium.

“The enthusiasm for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day continues to grow and is something that both the children and adults look forward to as confirmed by our record turnout this year. We are proud to participate in this global initiative that gives our children the opportunity to be inspired and to dream, as well as have a better understanding of what goes on at Safilo each day, said Stefania DiPalma, Director of Human Resources for Safilo North America.

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is based upon the national campaign, Take Our Daughters to Work Day, which was created in 1993 by the Ms. Foundation.  This special global event gives children the opportunity to go to work with a parent instead of going to school for one day.

Close to 40 million parents and kids take part in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. The purpose of the program, which celebrates its 25th year in 2018, is to encourage, inspire, and introduce girls and boys across the country to the workplace and empower them to dream without gender limitations and think imaginatively about their family, work, and community lives. It is designed to help children expand their career aspirations by giving them a chance to experience various careers firsthand.