Sanitize With Style

As optical shops around the world open back up, we need little reminder that the COVID-19 crisis is far from over. While the number of new coronavirus cases is slowing down, people are still getting sick and unfortunately still dying. So optical shops are putting in new and unheralded safety measures to keep themselves and their patients safe.

Le Kevin, the British fashion eyewear holder company has just introduced the new Le Kevin Safety Kit. Inspired to comply with Covid-19 safety regulations in many cities, locales, states, and countries around the world,  Le Kevin unisex glasses holders have added a second practical option of wearing a leather portable sanitizer kit as an alternative to your glasses. The make for a fashionable and visually reassuring symbol for meeting and greeting incoming patients.

The sanitizer kits are made of stylish handcrafted leather with smooth, crocodile, lizard, and ostrich finishes in a rainbow of color options. So colorful in fact, that they are also available in a Pride Month Rainbow itself. They can also be branded with your store or business logo and make a wonderful gift for your customers.

Each sanitizer kit comes with a sanitizer bottle. You supply your own favorite sanitizer. Check them out on the Le Kevin website.

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