Saving Energy is Good Business





Eye Bogglers

  • The average California small business spends almost double the national average on electricity bills!
  • By making energy efficiency upgrades, businesses can reduce annual energy use by 30% and enjoy smaller electric bills.

Optical Business Benefits 

  • Save Money–  By switching machines off after use, or turning the heating down in warm weather, you can make real savings on your energy bill. And just reducing it by 20% could add the same amount to your profits as a 5% increase in sales
  • Enhance your reputation Increasing numbers of consumers and business customers will now only buy from, or invest in, companies with environmentally friendly policies and production methods.
  • Encourage more people to come and work for you People don’t just want to buy from socially responsible businesses; they also want to work for them. So you will also increase your appeal in the recruitment market, and stay an employer of choice.
  • Stay ahead of government regulation With climate change so high on the political agenda, we are likely to see more initiatives like the Climate Change Levy and theEmissions Trading Scheme, as well as tighter building regulations

What to do? 

  1. First call your local utility company and request and audit. This is usually for free. 
  2. Make changes as recommended by Energy Auditor 
  3. Involve your staff in reducing energy usage 
  4. Track your Energy Usage by Using some of these tools. As an example Sacramento offers an online analysis  

Consider using these Devices that track your energy usage

  • The Energy Detective An intuitive, real-time, accurate electricity monitor, TED monitors your energy usage and presents the information to you in a simple, easy-to-understand format.
  • Kill A Watt- Available from Amazon- P3 International P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor Measures your energy as well in individual appliances. 
  • DIY Kyoto Wattson- (UK) shows energy usage in watts or costs (Euro or Pound) 


  • 10 Tips to Save Energy in an Office – Kiplinger
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  • A Consumers Guide to Energy Efficiency 
  • PG&E Energy Tips for Business Customers 
  • PG&E Business Energy Audit 
  • PG&E Energy Management Solutions for Small Businesses (energy analysis, rebates, incentives, and design assistance) 
  • PG&E Small Business Energy Edge Program (upgrade to energy efficient equipment and PG&E will pay the loan interest) 
  • Flex Your Power Small Business Solutions