Scottish Company Steers The Way For Better Eyesight

Caledonian Optical is to launch a new range of lenses designed to improve eyesight while driving. Two innovative lenses have been designed and developed to better improve visual skills for optimal vision, helping drivers to clearly see and react to traffic signals, pedestrians and other vehicles.

Mark Robertson, head of manufacturing at Caledonian Optical, explained: “Our sight is the strongest sense we rely on when driving, but it is often combatting lines of vision, hazardous glares, and dim lighting.

“Recent studies have shown that peripheral vision plays a critical role in safe driving, while distance vision is the most important area of vision when driving.

“Our new lenses, Zone Drive progressive and HD:SV Drive single vision lens, incorporates a power distribution specifically adapted for driving. The powerful lens promotes visual acuity, visual field, contrast sensitivity, motion perception, depth perception and glare sensibility.

“As well as helping patients to reduce eye fatigue and improve the visual fields with better sight of the dashboard and outside the car, they provide a superior focus when driving.”

The lenses, developed at Caledonian Optical’s Aberdeen laboratory, have been designed with the goal to improve vision and comfort while driving anytime and under any lighting conditions.

Available in both progressive and single vision lenses, the smart eyewear is backed by specialist features that offer not only a wider distance vision of almost 180 degrees but also a profile that helps to reduce the effect of night myopia.

Additional technology in the single vision lens preserves binocular vision in all gaze directions and extremely high quality at every point on the lens.

Mark added: “Both lens designs have the aim of offering a complete solution, with exclusive features that adapt to the visual demands of users when driving in day and nighttime conditions. We have trialed the new lenses and received very positive feedback, combatting the 43% of drivers who have reported feeling insecure behind the wheel at night due to the loss of their visual capacity.”

One such driver was Adrian Fitzpatrick, a patient from Browns Opticians in Edinburgh who gave very positive feedback after trialing the driver lenses. Mr. Fitzpatrick was particularly impressed by the anti-glare that the new lenses offered. He explained: “Having worn the glasses over the entire festive period, and now well into the new year, I am very pleased with the results. “Away over Christmas, there were no streetlights where we were, so it gave me a great opportunity to assess the glasses in those dark conditions. I experienced absolutely no problems, driving was very good with no glare from other cars. Clarity was very good and distance vision also excellent. “In addition, reading of signs in both the light and dark was excellent – something I have previously struggled with. Overall I am very impressed and would certainly recommend these lenses.”

Zone Drive Progressive and HD:SV Drive single vision lenses will be launched at 100% Optical at Excel London, January 25-27, 2020.


About Caledonian Optical

With over 40 years of lens manufacturing experience, Caledonian Optical (part of Duncan and Todd Group) is one of a select few independent laboratories that have harnessed the full capabilities of freeform technology enabling us to manufacture a portfolio of the latest high definition digital prescription lenses.

Established in 1976, Caledonian Optical provides state of the art surfacing and glazing services to a range of opticians throughout the UK and Ireland. Caledonian Optical was awarded a Made in Britain accreditation in 2016.

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