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Loving Victorious Beings

Merging wellness, science, and style, Loving Victorious Beings is a new luxury eyewear label created by scientists, artisans, and lovers of life. Designed to enhance our personal wellbeing, the collections incorporate cutting-edge science and vibrational healing technology to make customers feel better, naturally, in their day-to-day lives.

With over a decade of experience working with ‘Colour Therapy’, the team behind Loving Victorious Beings has researched and studied its therapeutic benefits, incorporating this form of natural healing into the collections.


Stocked in limited edition collections in some of the world’s most exciting destinations: ABC Home, NYC; Cuixmala and Hacienda de San Antonio, Mexico; Agora Six Senses, Ibiza; Sanara, Tulum, the brand is already a stealth hit with the modern-day global nomads. The fashion-forward styles benefit from a modern approach to iconic frame design and handwork. The latest SuperCat style has been developed with iconic fashion stylist Zoe Bedeaux.

Colour Therapy is a method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, i.e. light and color, to cure diseases and directly impact the nervous and hormonal system through the eyes and the brain. Today, it is undergoing a renaissance with the potential to deeply influence our healthcare and wellbeing.


Its applications are far-reaching, from dealing with anxiety and aggression to increasing alertness, concentration, and feeling of wellbeing. It is also used to treat seasonal affective disorder, bad weather blues, and improve sleep. Different colors cause various effects on our body, and Colour Therapy studies the healing properties of each color’s vibrational frequency. It is a major part of an exciting new frontier in the wellness industry: energy medicine and vibrational healing.

Handmade with the skills of the finest Italian artisanal craftsmanship, the glasses are elegant and timeless, designed to change your state of mind naturally, shifting and improving perception, performance, and perspective. Having studied the therapeutic benefits of color in-depth, Loving Victorious Beings aims to look after our happiness, focus and concentration, relaxation, clarity of vision, and the filtering of unpleasant and harmful Blue Light.

Patricia Silva

To contribute towards positive change, the team at Loving Victorious Beings is committed to protecting the planet. For every pair of sunglasses sold, LVB plants a tree in the Amazon rainforest and accompanying food gardens to benefit indigenous communities. Recycled packaging is essential for the brand, which refuses to use plastic or oil-based products and aims to make its cases from recycled fishnets by the end of 2021.

Loving Victorious Beings exists to make your life better, naturally” The collection consists of four styles in six different ranges of acetate frames with five choices of Color
Therapy lenses, including ‘Purple Haze’, ‘Orange Skies’ and ‘La Vie en Rose’.

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