Selin Olmsted Studio Releases First Comprehensive Eyewear Trend Report

Selin Olmsted Studio proudly unveils its pioneering "2025 Eyewear Trend Report"

Selin Olmsted Studio has unveiled its pioneering “2025 Eyewear Trend Report” creating a significant milestone in the realm of fashion and eyewear.

In a groundbreaking move, the Studio introduces a visionary guide spotlighting nine imminent trends that will define the eyewear landscape in the near future. The report offers an array of daring frame design references, visionary concepts, intricate details, and captivating colors sparking creativity for upcoming seasonal collections.

Historically confined to the fringes of fashion accessories trend reports, eyewear now claims its rightful prominence in the industry. With a global market size exceeding $90 billion, eyewear emerges as a powerhouse deserving of a comprehensive design, development, and buying resource. Selin Olmsted Studio bridges this gap, supporting the eyewear industry professionals to create or source attractive and commercially successful products.

We see eyewear as more than an accessory; it is a statement of individuality and self-expression complimenting the wearer’s identity. The ‘2025 Eyewear Trend Report’ epitomizes our commitment to innovation, reimagining norms, and empowering eyewear professionals across all segments of the industry” affirms Selin Olmsted, Founder and Creative Director.

The Studio envisions the report as a must-have tool for designers, material & eyewear manufacturers, buyers, merchandisers, and retailers, providing insights that resonate with the pulse of the times.

For a glimpse into the transformative content of the “2025 Eyewear Trend Report,” Selin Olmsted Studio invites ECPs to explore a Free Sample of the report by following this link. This preview offers a complete look into the first trend “Sensory Trip” showcasing the depth of insights and the trend’s journey from inspiration via runway & street to product and lastly, its color palette.

About Selin Olmsted Studio:

Founded in 2015, Selin Olmsted Studio stands as an unequaled B2B eyewear design, product development, and sourcing studio nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Founded eight years ago, it emerged as one of the only eyewear design studios in the United States and has been instrumental in shaping the industry’s landscape. The studio keeps a close connection to global trends with its international team that spans across US and Europe.

The studio’s client roster includes Raen, Ted Baker & Victor Glemaud (via Tura), Oscar De La Renta, Kendall & Kylie, Article One, Sabah, Carla Colour, and Meta. In addition, the studio is well known for working exclusively with the most premium manufacturers in Italy, Japan, and China.

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