Seraphin Introduces Elegant Natural Buffalo Horn Frames

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Seraphin is proud to introduce an all new dimension of luxury for the holiday season with its newest additions, the Eden and the Gleason. Made of exquisite buffalo horn, these styles are the epitome of extravagance as each frame uniquely exhibits the natural striations and varied color that make buffalo horn so desirable. Buffalo horn is semi-translucent and can be black, light grey or honey, with natural highlights of white. By adapting the finest elements of luxury eyewear styles from the past into fresh, contemporary interpretations, Seraphin celebrates the trendsetters of a bygone era, adding in a twist of modern panache. The unique buffalo horn features a polished sheen and gorgeous natural coloring for a beautiful, elegant look that will be on every trendsetter’s wish list.

GLEASON: Gleason has a highly sought after appearance with its natural coloring and organic patterns. This exclusive, one-of-a-kind style is adorned with silver rivet embellishments that beautifully contrast the luxurious sheen of the authentic horn. The Gleason’s rectangular shape makes for a classic look with an updated flair and spring hinges for a smooth and comfortable fit.




EDEN: Eden is nothing short of pure elegance with its natural variations of color that make each individual frame unique. Due to the nature of the authentic buffalo horn, no two frames are alike, making each Eden an original, handcrafted work of art. The polished horn has a glossy sheen that shows off the beautiful natural detail of this rare material. The classic rectangular shape is as flattering as it is comfortable, featuring spring hinges for the utmost in wearability and style.





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