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Embodying the opulence and architectural impact of Art Deco styles, the latest release from Shimmer celebrates sophistication from the 1920s to the 2020s.

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Shimmer, the capsule collection for Seraphin, combines the made-in-Japan craftsmanship of Seraphin with brilliant crystal details to bring a modern spin to Old Hollywood glamour. The polished and lustrous acetates, architectural metal, and deeply textured stones create looks full of dimension, poise, and power.  Just like the iconic skyscrapers associated with the time period, Shimmer is exploring oversized styles, creating striking silhouettes that echo the statement buildings of the 1920s.

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In selecting a photographer to capture this captivating collection, Chief Creative Officer David Duralde sought out “a master of light” to fully translate the star power of the frames. East Coast-based Tatsuro Nishimura was the clear choice. His precise lighting and framing captured the model in a dreamy, vivid tone that perfectly expressed the radiance of the frames. Like vintage glamour portraits, there is a romance to these images, but with the confidence of a modern eye. Tatsuro’s excellence has earned him multiple photography awards from Graphis Photo Annual, the International Photography Awards, Communication Arts Photo Award, Applied Arts Award, and Black and White Photography Magazine Portfolio Awards among others.

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“Seraphin Shimmer is unique among the OGI Eyewear collections, being the only one with crystals. The reflective, captivating stones create a spectacular play with light and texture that transcends time, blending the classic and demure with the fresh and bold,” says Duralde.

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This newest shoot embodies the best of Seraphin Shimmer, a collection designed to give the contemporary woman a style that is equally elegant and bold, and the effortless captivating of these photos emphasizes the relaxed sophistication of Seraphin Shimmer. Fine crystals will pop and capture the light, while their textured arrays will create dimensional shadows that hold interest, so you will stand out in every room.

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Experience the latest from Shimmer with our one-of-a-kind virtual try-on styling tool. You can try every style and color to find your perfect fit, your perfect flair. Step into a new kind of luxury shopping experience with Seraphin Shimmer.

Seeing is believing, so stop by the OGI Eyewear booth P18019 at Vision Expo West!

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