Seraphin Sun

Five original Seraphin suns emerge for the spring collection, each with unique, key features and noticeable innovative techniques.

Andover by Seraphin

Andover Sun – A brand new take on a vintage look, the Andover Sun combines a glossy material with specific matte elements. This sun ophthalmic seems to effortlessly work on any wearer, with an interesting and inviting retro eight-sided silhouette.

Judson by Seraphin

Judson Sun – Flat in profile but edgy in design, the Judson Sun takes a dip into the classic looks of the 80s. With a vintage hinge and thickly cut double bar, this aviator-esque frame gives a slightly European pop of personality.

Lourdes by Seraphin

Lourdes Sun – Brimming with detail, the Lourdes Sun takes a new spin on an original windsor look. The combined pressing of metal to acetate brings high contrast to the nylon lenses. Lightweight, the Lourdes Sun hold interest from start to finish.

Marigold by Seraphin

Marigold Sun – A marriage of current high fashion trends and late 80s looks, the Marigold Sun thins out for Seraphin’s sleekest style yet. This oval frame comes equipped with extra shielding while nodding to the refined dueling tones found within its temple.

Valders by Seraphin

Valders Sun – Bold in shape and size, the Valders Sun presents its prowess through a flat profile adorned with full details. Expertly crafted faux clips hold a thinly laid double bar in place, while a semirimless design accents this nylon lens masterpiece.

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SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024