Serengeti® Eyewear to be Exclusively Manufactured in Italy

Serengeti Made in Italy 2021

Serengeti® Eyewear recently announced it is moving all of its manufacturing to Italy. In the past, the iconic US eyewear brand manufactured some of its collection in Italy, but as of Spring 22, it will move all of its lens and frame production to Italy.

Because of its rich history in fashion and design, Italy is a natural fit for the iconic eyewear brand that has more than 140 years of history and offers some of the most advanced lens technology available in the market, all of which are also available in Rx.

“This move is really exciting because it puts us at the heart of where a lot of our inspiration comes from. Italy really is an international fashion capital” said  Arnaud Falce, Serengeti Creative Director. “Everything that we create at Serengeti® Eyewear revolves around design, quality, and comfort, and the new sunglasses are really strong and sleek – exactly what you’d expect to see in Italy.”

The move comes as the brand has been introducing more SKU’s in its Creator Collection, a new higher-priced luxury collection of sunglasses priced at $400 and above. At the same time, the brand has also made a commitment to using more sustainable materials in its eyewear collection, including a new Bio-Acetate material being used in The Mainline Collection going forward.

Serengeti® has decades of experience and a track record of meticulous attention to detail, premium materials, and the best lenses on the market. With eco-friendly frames and Serengeti’s® 3-in-1 lens technology, Serengeti® sunglasses are perfect for cruising down the interstate to setting trends as you walk into the office.

Serengeti Hayworth

“Our goal has always been to redefine the market standard,” Falce added. “We are proud to call Italy our new manufacturing home and continue to build off of the rich fashion and design history of both Serengeti® and Italy.”

With this change comes Serengeti’s new Spring and Summer 2022 line-ups: Serengeti Sport and the Luxury Line.

The new luxury line is made for creators and trendsetters. With sophisticated designs, bold colors, and hand-crafted frames, this collection will speak to those who desire the highest level of craftsmanship and design. This collection features the signature 3-in-1 Serengeti lens in Ultra-Light Mineral materials.

Moving forward, customers will also see more Eco products coming from Serengeti with the recent introduction of a new Eco-Nylon frame material that serves as the centerpiece of the new Serengeti Sport Collection.

The new frames are made from a polymer called Grilamid BTR which is a sustainable substitute for TR90 which is the more common nylon material used in most frames. The new Grilamid BTR is extracted from Castor Plants and offers the same characteristics that frames made with TR90 Nylon offer which include durability, flexibility, and strength without the use of petrol.

Check out the entire Serengeti line at their website.

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