Seriously Siri Remind Me Alot

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When Apple introduced Siri in October of 2011 it was hailed as a revolutionary step forward in human and smart phone interaction. You might recall those wonderful siricommercials for Siri featuring such celebrities as Samuel L Jackson and Martin Scorsese using the voice interactive software for all sorts of commands and queries. The reality of Siri is that has yet to live up to the hype and promise from Apple. Those of us who have iPhones have most likely played with Siri, but who uses it regularly?

I was speaking with a colleague recently who hadn’t heard of Siri and was unaware of useful features that other colleagues and I have found useful, so we thought we should spend a few minutes sharing….just in case some of you with iPhones didn’t know either.

I use Siri for reminders on a regular basis. Press the Home button on your iPhone and hold it for a moment until Siri starts up.

  1. Dictate your command.
  2. “Remind me about meeting with rainbow tomorrow at 4:30AM”
  3. Siri will come back with “here is your reminder, shall I create it?”
  4. Once you confirm, you can forget about it till your phone reminds you tomorrow with an audible signal and popup.

It is honestly a terrific way to create notes and reminders without having to find pen and paper.

Take it a step further and if you have designated a “home” address or “office” address, you can customize your reminder to “remind me tomorrow when I get to the office about my meeting with rainbow. The phone will use the GPS feature (providing you have it turned on) to remind you based on your location and not a particular time.

You can also use Siri to read you  your  last text message…an especially useful feature if you are ADD like myself and want to know what the text says but don’t want to jeopardize traffic while driving by looking at your phone. You can dictate your text message reply as well.

Here is a couple of links to sites that has a lot of useful commands for Siri other than the obscure commands the TV commercials overpromised.

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