Seven Stoned Sunglasses

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These days individuals and companies alike seem to be all about “repurposing”, and when it comes to fashion and interior design the “rustic-look” is making a comeback – from the STONE Age! Just take these slate gray sunglasses by Beaver Bril composed of a combination of real stone and apricot wood.

Beaver Bril Dark Stone
Beaver Brill Dark Stone

Northwood Sunglasses company promises their objective is to use recycled, locally-sourced, and low-impact materials.  Kickstarter certainly helped propel the mission to create handcrafted shades from such materials that won’t take hundreds of years to regrow.  Natural stone is one of their go-tos when creating the eco-friendly sunwear.

Innovative French eyewear brand Rezin has created these “Grafitte” style sunglasses out of stone and wood for their handcrafted Stone Series collection.  The outer portion if the frames has the stone look while the interior is all wood – the best of both worlds!

Rezin Eyewear

Hailing from the heart of the Tyrolean Alps in Austria, it’s no surprise the craftsmen at ROLF Spectacles produce some of the lightest stone-wood combination eyeglasses we have seen, and they do so completely by hand without any screws or metal whatsoever.

Rolf Spectacles
Rolf Spectacles

Shwood eyewear also promises to make the finest handcrafted sunglasses out of the finest natural materials they can find.  The result of this endeavor is premium sunwear in frames shapes that fit just about anyone without the ultra premium price tag!

EC0-Friendly-shwood-stone-sunglassesRye and Lye’s eyeglass designs love to experiment with unconventional materials such as stone, wood and Murano glass.  Don’t expect these two artfully shaped frames, the Carracci and Perugino to have a smooth feel, as they are purposely left a bit rough for consumers to feel the strength and quality of the eyewear.

Style Carracci




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