Seven Up-cycled Eyewear Displays With Music Motifs

I think we know how important music is to us to our peace and sanity. Due to the growth of music in general, not only are Singers getting into the eyewear game, a few eyewear companies are based upon Musical themes. American Eyewear, Black Optical, Initium Eyewear, La Golondria Eyewear, Hydes Spectacles to name a few. A few eyewear companies,  Vinyl Factory and Trackswear make eyewear from upcycled records.

Vinylize-Limited Edition Rock Star Eyewear

To celebrate National Music Day (June 21) we found Music themed displays in optical shops featuring musical instruments or have musical motifs.

Using boomboxes and tapes as walls rocks the sunglasses aways.

Old Vinyl records and be reused as background and even heated and molded to shapes for props.

Versluis Optiek, Image Credit unknown

Image Credit Unknown
Image Credit Unknown

We found these guitars and drums at Vision Expo as part of the display.

This is a wonderful Musical window

Where to get:
Many people have old instruments laying around that they are not using. Think about borrowing. Ask for a credit if you borrow from a pawn shop

Vinyl records can be found in a myriad of places. Check your local craigslist, estate sales and vintage stores including vintage record stores.

Place ad (FREE) on Craigslist of what you are looking for. Many people will be happy to donate or give.

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