Shady Merchandising With Sunglass Trees

As the consumer is searching for natural options and maybe you offer natural materials such as wood or cork or even marble or some of your products have a Plant Trees give back platform why leave them in limbo by putting them with the rest of your wares.

Sunglass trees are easy DIY projects. There are plenty of broken branches around that can salvaged.  The top images are definitely a design option, but the lower pictures are branches you put into a vase with hanging sunglasses. Perfect for Fall Winter Eyewear displays and Christmas Trees. Consider painting the trees in various colors and hanging assorted sunglasses.

Tree Merchandising can be using for Arbor Day (April) Decorated for Christmas (Dec) Bird Holidays.

Image Credit Unknown
sunlass tree
Image Credit unknown
Sunglass Tree
Specs of Wood Sunglass Tree at Vision Expo West 14
Via Matrixbabe Vintage
Via Matrixbabe Vintage on Pinterest