Shamir Glacier PLUS™ Metaform™ on Transitions™ Signature® GEN 8 Brown and Grey Now Available

Transitions Brown
photo courtesy of Transitions Optical

Traditionally, to enjoy light, thin, or durable lenses you would have to make some difficult choices, like choosing between a light lens or a strong lens, or between a strong prescription or a thin lens. Shamir Glacier PLUS™ Metaform™, a revolutionary new way to coat lenses, removes those compromises and offers all the benefits of our Glacier PLUS™ AR coating.

Features & Benefits:

  • Up to 20% thinner & lighter than regular minus lenses. *
  • Up to 18 times stronger than the FDA standard requirement.
  • Up to 80% more energy efficient in coating process compared to alternatives. **
  • Compromise-free lenses that are super-strong, super-aesthetic and super-comfortable to wear.

*Compared to the industry standard of 1.5 MCT used in 1.60, 1.67 and 1.74
**Basis for comparison is Shamir Optical Industry Lab’s standard coating process

Innovation is not only about developing the most advanced technology and introducing the highest product quality and performance; it’s also about being consistent and creative. Glacier PLUS™ Metaform™ uses advanced algorithms to ensure that every optical and physical property of its multi-feature Preform™ is most precisely and reliably index-matched, ensuring full uniformity. The Preform™ contains a super-resistant optical film that is also used by the automobile, aviation, and space industries, due to its impact resistance qualities – enabling a thinner and lighter lens. This reduces common pitfalls of standard coatings such as Newton rings, undesired light dispersion effects, and other potential visual imperfections. Glacier PLUS™ Metaform™ technology answers this need with materials on 1.6, 1.67, 1.74, and NOW available on Transitions™ Signature® GEN 8 Brown and Grey.

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Shamir Insight, Inc., USA (San Diego, CA), designs and manufactures premium progressive lenses and molds for the ophthalmic industry. Serving as the Sales & Marketing center for the U.S.A., Shamir Insight, Inc., USA specializes in the marketing of premium progressive lenses, anti-reflective coatings and innovative technologies under product brand names such as Shamir Glacier Expression™, Shamir Premium Single Vision Lenses Autograph Intelligence™, Shamir Autograph III®, Shamir Autograph II+®, Shamir InTouch™, Shamir Spectrum+™, Shamir Glacier PLUS™, Shamir Glacier PLUS™ Metaform™, Shamir FirstPAL™, Shamir Golf™, Shamir Relax™, Shamir Attitude III® SV, Shamir Duo™, Shamir Computer™ and Shamir WorkSpace™, Shamir Attitude® III Fashion, Shamir Attitude® III Sport, Shamir Genesis HD, Shamir Autograph III SV™, Shamir Spectrum SV™.

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