Shamir Insight Launches Driver Intelligence™

Shamir Insight Launches Groundbreaking New Innovation: Driver Intelligence™

Shamir Insight, a world-leading pioneer in optical lens technology, announced the company’s newest ground-breaking product – Driver Intelligence™. It is the only lens technology that optimizes visual performance and is designed to deliver superior clarity for drivers at any time of the day, enabling safer driving.

Shamir Insight worked closely with the Renault Group’s BWT Alpine F1® Team, to develop and test this optical technology on the race track. Additionally, the lens was created using multiple innovative technologies including artificial intelligence, eye tracking, and analytics. Driver Intelligence™’s superior benefits include:

  • 16% reduction in visual information processing effort compared to regular lenses
  • 33% wider horizontal visual field and 18% longer vertical visual field
  • 15% faster reaction time at night time and 11% faster reaction time in the daytime
  • Improved nighttime vision using myopic shift compensation and low-reflection coating

“We are confident that Driver Intelligence™ will greatly improve the driving experience by delivering the clearest, sharpest vision,” said Phillip Pasit, Vice President of Marketing, Shamir. “This state-of-the-art lens will help manage light reflections, lessen the sensation of double images, reduce glare, and lower visual noise.”

Notable highlights during the event included multiple speakers within the optical industry and outside the industry along with real-life consumer testimonials. Sébastien Bourdais, a highly respected race driver in the automotive world, shared his positive experience with Driver Intelligence™. Dr. Gary Gerber, OD and the Chief Myopia Eradication Officer of Treehouse Eyes,  provided his knowledge and insights about the importance and need of this lens design in the driving community. All guests that attended were measured by Spark™ 4 measuring devices and had an opportunity to pick out frames to pair with the new lenses from the popular featured frame brand, Persol®.  All guests had an opportunity to experience Driver Intelligence™ by using first-hand driving simulators which showed the difference between a standard PAL and Shamir Driver Intelligence™ lens.

Shamir Driver Intelligence Event driving simulation

Driver Intelligence™ is available in two lens options, ‘Sun’ for daytime and ‘Moon’ for lowlight/nighttime driving. The visual improvements for both lenses include increased road awareness, lower cognitive load for improved visual processing, and optimal physical comfort enabling less visual strain during driving. Additionally, each lens comes with custom, premium coatings. The Shamir Glacier™ Sun coating features powerful vision protection, sun glare reduction, durability, and easy cleaning. The Moon lens features Shamir Glacier Expression™, an anti-reflective coating that offers a 25% increase in contrast sensitivity, reduction in visual noise as well as eye fatigue, and improved reaction times.

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