Shamir Introduces The Spark 4 Digital Measurement Device

Shamir Spark 4

Using a sophisticated electro-optic system and based on stereo vision 3D technology with 6 high-resolution camera sensors totaling 24 megapixels in resolution, the Shamir Spark™ 4 can detect patients’ pupils clearly through sunglasses and clear lenses as well as different coatings all while doing so, in varying light conditions. With just one picture taken in a few seconds, you get an automatic measurement of the PD, then you can easily mark the points of interest to complement all the required parameters. Furthermore, Spark™ 4 relies on its state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence pupil detection which processes 192 facial landmarks, resulting in levels of accuracy never seen before. Due to its AI technology, Spark™ 4’s auto-detection abilities will improve and evolve over time, allowing new features in the future. The device offers a new, seamless experience for both patients and professionals. Not only is the device sleek in design, but also provides the option to complete the measuring process after the customer leaves the store, allowing a quick anSpark 4 less invasive experience for the patient or customer.

Spark™ 4 is now available to new and existing Shamir customers with existing customers being given the option to trade in their current Spark™ unit and upgrade to Spark™ 4.

Spark™ 4 Product Information:

Spark™ 4 upgrades the experience for ECPs and patients/customers with more accuracy, speed, and comfort:

  • Accuracy:
    • 3 stereo systems based on 6 cameras provide a high-resolution three-dimensional image and easy identification of the patient’s eyes and frame (4 color cameras and 2 infrared cameras)
    • Measures tinted lenses
  • Speed (Quick and Friendly):
    • New algorithm enables you to take a picture faster
    • Take PD in a few seconds (the remaining points can be marked later)
  • Comfort:
    • Compact design
    • Retain a natural head posture
    • No frame clip (gig)
    • Personal space

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