Shamir Relax Is Now Available Through VSP

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San Diego, CA – September 2015 – Shamir Insight, Inc. announces that their fatigue relief Freeform® design, RelaxTM, geared toward the millennial generation, is now available through VSP. RelaxTM is designed for patients who suffer from eyestrain associated with prolonged accommodation.

Shamir RelaxTM is available to order for VSP patients through Eyefinity as of 7/15/2015. Please see your VSP Provider Reference Manual for details.

Shamir RelaxTM is the ideal solution for single vision patients and pre-presbyopes who spend the majority of their work day reading and using the computer to complete tasks. These activities force the muscles in the eye to focus in and out repeatedly throughout the day. This routine performance of the eye’s muscles, referred to as prolonged accommodation, results in visual fatigue. RelaxTM incorporates 0.65[D] ADD Power in the lower part of the lens, so the eye muscles are not forced to work as hard at accommodation. Because the Power is so slight, Shamir RelaxTM is suitable to replace a patients standard single vision lenses. With Shamir RelaxTM, accommodations will be reduced by up to 30%, providing patients with renewed energy at the end of the day. Shamir RelaxTM is available to order through Shamir’s network of Autograph® partner laboratories.

“RelaxTM is perfect for single vision patients who experience symptoms of visual fatigue throughout their day, which is why we are pleased that it is now available through VSP’s lens enhancement formulary,” said Mark Becker, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships.

For questions or more information regarding Shamir RelaxTM, contact Shamir’s Customer Service department at 877.514.8330.


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