Shamir’s Digital Measuring Technology Goes Wireless

Shamir Spark™ 4W

The new system on the Spark™ 4W builds on the advanced capabilities of Spark™ 4. Since it operates on Wi-Fi, the new standalone system can be located anywhere in the store; it carries an integrated CPU.  The Shamir Spark™ 4W also comes with a handy new app, Shamir Spark™ Remote, which enables ECPs to quickly capture the PD using any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, or laptop) and complete the process by filling in the additional parameters once the patient has left the store — providing ECPs with optimal flexibility and ease of use.

Designed for uncompromising ophthalmic measurement, the smart new system retains all the benefits of its predecessor. Shamir’s state-of-the-art AI vision algorithm detects and processes 192 facial landmarks provided by the sophisticated camera system featuring six high-resolution 24-megapixel camera sensors that deliver ultrasharp images; two active near-infrared cameras that allow an unobstructed view of the patient’s pupils; and four additional color cameras which take crisp images of any eyewear, including sunglasses.

“Shamir Spark™ 4W provides patients with a touch-free experience that preserves their personal space while providing a highly professional examination. Beyond accurately filling the patient’s prescription, ECPs can optimize vision correction and, through As-Worn POV™ technology, ensure the lens delivers optimal vision in the chosen frame,” said Zohar Katzman, Shamir’s CTO. “Its accuracy ensures that lenses are precisely fitted to each patient, minimizing non-adaptation and vision correction.”

“Digital transformation is changing the way we live our lives. Shamir Spark™ 4W will change the way ECPs work,” said Katzman. “As its auto detection abilities continually improve and evolve, it will enable Shamir to continually expand the capabilities of Spark™ systems, enhancing the buying experience and delivering superior results.”

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