Shimmer – Seraphin Launches New Capsule Collection

Seraphin, from OGI has launched a new capsule collection of acetate frames in exciting new shapes, all incorporated with a splash of glimmer from the incorporation of Swarovski crystals. These frames showcase the exciting new designs of David Duralde, Chief Creative Officer of OGI. “An eyewear collection can either be Ho Hum ordinary or take it to the next level exciting. At OGI Eyewear, we prefer the adrenaline rush of a standout design that makes us feel our pulse when we see an incredible frame light up a face. There is no point in being basic today. Eyewear is an extremely personal accessory, and we are committed to keeping it that way”, says Duralde.

Shimmer 1

The artful use of lines pairs well with hand-inlaid crystals, creating a dynamic movement across the frames. These frames are a new definition of fashion-forward with a fresh new take on Swarovski crystals.

Shimmer 1 Crystal -Black


Shimmer 2

The petite, hand-inlaid Swarovski crystals on the corners uplift and illuminate the face of the wearer. The use of crystals accentuates the corners, and the textures create dimension to the shape.

Shimmer 2 Crystal Sand


Shimmer 3

The use of Swarovski crystals creates textures and lines to the frame’s arch, which makes the frame feel younger and more contemporary but still has a mature, dressed up look. The shape of this frame is incredibly flattering for all wearers. These frames present a modern way to construct metal, which allows a unique personality to dance between the lenses of this frame. Abnormal to metal frames, the piece encapsulates a bolder character.

Shimmer 3-Rose-Gold


Shimmer 4

This piece incorporates a playful balance of Swarovski crystals and glitter fabric inlaid in the brow corners. There is a unique combination between the frames’ geometry and lines, which plays and adds a dimension that is only enhanced by the crystals and glitter. This deeper square shape and the geometric faceting on the edges complement each wearer’s facial features.

Shimmer 4 Black


Shimmer 5

This fashion-forward frame takes a contemporary style and incorporates the Swarovski Crystals on the side that integrates into the hinge setting it apart as an incredibly unique piece. The rounded shape on these frames emotes a soft, gentle element highlighting the beauty in every wearer’s face.

Shimmer 5 Crystal

Check out the entire line on their website.

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