Shorter Emails?

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VisionWeb launched this nice little blog and because I love this info so much am reposting an article.  You can subscribe to their blog here

Email is Convenient and Efficient?

Email makes communicating convenient and efficient, right? But do you ever feel like you have so much email, you’ll never get through it all? If so, we can definitely relate! After all, there’s a lot to deal with in emailing. Lengthy emails, Attachments, CC, BCC, Reply All, Fowards, Spam, Junk, Read Receipts, the list goes on! This is just the price we have to pay for the convenience of email, or is it? We found out about this snazzy new way to email called Shortmail that has the potential to change the email game as we know it. Basically, it gives you the convenience of emailing but cuts through the clutter. Emails on Shortmail are limited to 500 characters, there are no attachments, no junk mail, and no folders to manage. It even works with your SmartPhone. With only 500 characters, messages have to be short and to the point. Amazing! Check out their blog and you will be even more intrigued, we promise.

We love the idea of this cleaned up version of emailing because it’s obviously aiming to make email more efficient, but we have to wonder, could we survive? It’s like people who have been cancelling cable television in their houses. I mean, we’re impressed, but the thought of actually doing it ourselves? It’s enough to bring on a panic attack! All jokes aside, we are so incredibly reliant on email that we don’t know if it would work for us. But the allure of all that stripped down messaging is so appealing that we can’t help but ponder the notion of a life with more concise email….

So, what about you? Does email play the same role for you as it does for us? Could you truly make the switch to Shortmail, or have you already? Do you have some sort of policy in place for emailing that keeps it all manageable?