Should You Partner With A Social Media Influencer?

3 Benefits of Partnering with a Social Media Influencer to Grow your Business

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing methods to capture an audience’s  interest and gain the trust of new consumers. Individuals are more likely to purchase products or try out a new business if other people (not just marketing agencies) say they have had a good experience with the product or company. A social media influencer acts as a trustworthy source of information to communicate about your product or services to your target market. By using a social media influencer, you are able to tap into your consumer audience and speak to them from a consumers’ point-of-view.

Zyloware is here to breakdown the three benefits of partnering with a social media influencer to help grow your business.

1. Brand Exposure to New Target Audiences

Effective social media marketing reaches consumers where they already are. 81 percent consumers* in the United States are on social media regularly so establishing a presence on social media is essential for successful, modern marketing.

Therefore, partnering with a social media influencer allows you to reach a new target audience to build your online presence. Not only does a social media influencer provide quality content that you can reuse (with their permission, of course) on your social media platforms, it also promotes brand awareness of your company to their audience. If you have an eyewear collection and are looking to partner with a fashion blogger/influencer, request for them to not only wear your product, but also tag your social media handles and reuse your brand hashtags. This will allow their audience to easily connect with you, which will help you to grow your followers. The social media influencer gains product/compensation, while you gain exposure to their audience.

2. Create and Generate Engagement

While a social media influencer can get the word out about your product/services to their audience, they can also drive engagement through contests and giveaways. Sending extra product to an influencer is a cost efficient way with a high ROI for both you and them to host a giveaway. Ask the social media influencer to run a contest on all their social platforms ie Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter where their audience will be able to enter to win your product!

Here’s an excellent example – Zyloware partnered with with TheDapperJuan in June 2017 to host a giveaway contest for a free pair of Randy Jackson Sunglasses.

The rules were simple:

  1. You must be following Zyloware and TheDapperJuan.
  2. Like the photo
  3. Tag a friend you’d like to share these shades with. (Each comment counts as an entry. You may comment more than once with different friends for multiple entries).

Because participants were required to follow Zyloware and TheDapperJuan, Zyloware saw an impressive growth of 600 new followers in just 24 hours! Contests cause engagement, which in turn creates growth. Giving people a reason to take action is a guaranteed way to generate buzz about your brand and products.

3. Build Trust and Expand Your Reach

One of the most beneficial aspects of partnering with a social media influencer is the trusted audience they are able to reach. With so many bigger, better-known competitors out there, it can be difficult for a smaller business to stand out from the crowd and win the trust of their target audience. By establishing your business as a trustworthy company, you are able to make a lasting impression. When an influencer posts about your product, the information comes from a reliable source of which their audience already knows, likes, and trusts. It maximizes their efforts and establishes a level of confidence and expectation between the consumer, the influencer, and the company that the influencer is promoting.

Amongst these social media influencers are Bloggers. They are another great way for your company to gain exposure. Style and fashion bloggers have a loyal following of readers who look forward to new blog content. Partnering with a blogger allows them to feature your product in a voice that feels both genuine and trustworthy to their readers.

An outstanding example is Zyloware’s recent partnership with Austrian eyewear blogger Jennifer Bitsche, founder of Faceprint Eyewear Love, for a blog post featuring one of Zyloware’s fashion brands, Leon Max. With an impressive following on Instagram and Facebook in addition to her monthly contribution to the Facebook group The Eyewear Forum,  Jennifer reaches an audience of over 15k each month. The recent collaboration between Faceprint and Zyloware highlighted the on-trend looks of Leon Max eyewear and featured the frame Leon Max 6014. You can read the entire blog post here.

Learn more about the Faceprint blog and Jennifer’s looks on Zyloware’s social media corner.


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