SightCare Partners With Optik Mizen

Optik Mizen

SightCare recently announced that Optik Mizen, a provider of ophthalmic lenses, has joined its Preferred Eye Care Suppliers (SPECS) scheme. As a preferred supplier, Optik Mizen can provide SightCare’s independent practice members with premium lenses helping them to differentiate and provide excellence in varifocal lens designs and AR coating to complement their clinical excellence.

SightCare’s CEO John French said, “We are delighted to have Optik Mizen join our SPECS scheme as both an independent focused company and one which offers high-quality varifocal lens designs and AR coating development to the independent optical sector.”

Jamie Holoran, CEO of Optik Mizen, said, “We have admired the work of SightCare for many years and feel a strong affinity for the group’s ethos. As one of only two premium lens producers bringing innovative and unique lens designs and technologies EXCLUSIVELY to the independent UK optician, Optik Mizen looks forward to helping Sightcare members strengthen the health and independent status of their business with access to varifocal lenses like the highly praised Xentra – a lens so well received by patients courtesy of its expanded ‘near intermediate’ that it is now recommended by many DO’s as the most comfortable option on the market in 2022.


SightCare, the UK’s leading provider of business and networking services to independent opticians, has more than 30 years of affinity group experience and is committed to offering maximum value and forming dependable relationships with its members and supplier partners. Its SPECS scheme is uniquely positioned to provide independent eye care practitioners access to over 70 optical companies providing frames, lenses, contact lenses, accessories, and consumables with centralized billing and administration to look at both its members and supplier partners.


Now in its 8th year, Optik Mizen remains exclusive to the UK’s independent practices with a continually developing portfolio of highly advanced varifocal lenses and sophisticated AR coatings that deliver superior vision to many thousands of UK patients.

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