Silent Stalker – NIRVAN JAVAN

NIRVAN JAVAN Silent Stalker

A dark, industrial world

A criminal roams the city and two detectives follow him. They are drawn through industrial plants and office complexes; neon lights and rain are their endless companion. Silent Stalker, the new short film by Anthony Thornburg, Irina Fedorova, and Chris Reist. As NIRVAN JAVAN’s latest artistic collaboration, it combines cinematic storytelling of a gritty noir narrative, with the relaxed serenity of an editorial. The result is one of the few of its kind, a cinematic editorial.

An artistic collaboration of many worlds

In keeping with NIRVAN JAVAN’s leitmotif, Silent Stalker was created as a product of many different worlds. Together from the spheres of illustration, directing, acting, and music production, something completely original was created, a film noir in a rainy, neon-soaked metropolis of steel, concrete, and glass. NIRVAN JAVAN also finds itself in this cinematic vision. The brand’s frames blend seamlessly into the modern world. Be it the TOKYO collection, or LONDON, each model adds an urban elegance to the characters.

NIRVAN JAVAN  Silent Stalker


Walking through the world with open eyes, discovering and internalizing new perspectives; elegance at its finest. This is the cosmopolitan creed. It is the guiding principle by which NIRVAN JAVAN lives, designs, and creates. It is a way of thinking, that found its way deep into the designer’s signature style. With its elegance, the pursuit of perfection, and the creative openness to transform foreign impressions into modern eyewear, the brand gives out an invitation to everybody who is curious and open enough to embrace the world in with all its facets and cultures: experience the world at its finest. This is the symbiosis of cultures, made wearable by NIRVAN JAVAN. Creative passion and the strive for perfection flow together and translate sprawling metropolises into frames of optical glasses and shades. It’s a modern world caught in the shape of frames.

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